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2002 Annual Science Report

University of Washington Reporting  |  JUL 2001 – JUN 2002

Evolution of Biocomplexity From an Ancient Autotrophic Lineage

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Project Progress

We are in the genome sequencing phase of the project. The genome sequence of Methanococcus maripaludis has recently reached the final, ten-fold coverage stage of shotgun sequencing, and is entering the finishing phase. We have manually annotated (inferred function) for 10% of the 1,800 genes. Recently other workers have generated a partial sequence for two species that are closely related to M. maripaludis, and we have begun to discuss collaboration to study the role of lateral transfer and gene loss in the evolution of the methanococcal lineage. We also continue to work on the development of methodology for random mutagenesis of the genome.

    John Leigh
    Project Investigator

    Erik Hendrickson

    Jeremy Dodsworth
    Doctoral Student

    Objective 4.0
    Expand and interpret the genomic database of a select group of key microorganisms in order to reveal the history and dynamics of evolution.