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2000 Annual Science Report

NASA Johnson Space Center Reporting  |  JUL 1999 – JUN 2000

Biomarkers Database

Project Summary

The JSC Astrobiology group’s main goal is to develop, characterize, and document a set of reliable biomarkers that can be used to identify present or past forms of microbial life. The research efforts of many groups are being consolidated in a continuously-updated electronic database.

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Field Sites

Project Progress

The Biomarkers Database was designed, reviewed, and placed on the JSC Astrobiology web page for input

    David McKay
    Project Investigator

    Mary Sue Bell
    Research Staff

    Objective 6.0
    Define how ecophysiological processes structure microbial communities, influence their adaptation and evolution, and affect their detection on other planets.

    Objective 7.0
    Identify the environmental limits for life by examining biological adaptations to extremes in environmental conditions.