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GSFC Summer Research Associate 2016 Presentations

Presenter: NAI GSFC Summer Research Associates
When: August 4, 2016 10AM PDT

Each Undergraduate Research Associate in Astrobiology conducts intensive state-of-the-art research with an individual scientist-mentor. Please join us as the fruits of these efforts are presented by the Class of 2016 to NASA’s Astrobiology Institute in a distributed seminar presented over the Internet.


Luke Tremblay (Clemson University) – “Exploring JWST’s Capability to Constrain Habitability on Simulated Terrestrial TESS Planets“
Mentor: Avi Mandell

Pia Sen (U of Texas) – “Evaluating an Alternate Method for the Analysis of Amino Acids in Meteorites“
Mentor: Jose Aponte

James Lai (McMaster University) – “Detection and Mapping of Astrobiologically Relevant Organic Molecules on Titan“
Mentor: Martin Cordiner

Jonathon Nosowitz (Iona College) – “A High-Resolution Spectral Atlas of Mars: Searching for Unidentified Bands of CO2, Water and Organics“
Mentor: Geronimo Villanueva

Erin Redwing (Penn State) – “Formation of Cemented, Salty Cap in Presence of Perchlorates in Martian Regolith“
Mentor: Alex Pavlov

Mark Sutton (Wichita State) – “The MinION DNA Sequencer as a Life Detection Instrument“
Mentor: Will Brinckerhoff

GSFC Summer Internship

  • Each year, summer interns at the NAI’s Goddard Center for Astrobiology present their work. Via collaborative technologies, they are able to present to the entire astrobiology community—adding an important dimension to their educational experience.
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