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Assessing the Effect of Impact Shock on Water in Amphibole: Implications for the Martian Meteorites

Presenter: Michelle Minitti, Arizona State University
When: April 14, 2003 12AM PDT

Hydrous phases in the martian meteorites, kaersutite (Ti-rich amphibole) and
apatite, have unique and unusual water contents (low) and H isotopic
compositions (D-rich). Understanding the origins of the water contents and
H isotopic signatures of these phases is important to understanding the
water budget of Mars and the interactions between interior, hydrospheric and
atmospheric water reservoirs on Mars. One potential factor influencing
water in martian meteorite hydrous phases is impact shock, the very process
that brought the martian meteorites to Earth. We have investigated the
effects of impact-induced devolatilization on the water content and H
isotopic composition of amphibole in order to assess the degree to which
water in martian amphibole was influenced by the shock process.

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