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Seth’s Storm Shelter

Presenter: Seth Shostak, SETI Institute
When: June 25, 2012 1PM PDT

Expect the unexpected when we go digging in Seth’s storm shelter – who knows what we’ll find! In this cramped never-never land, tucked between piles of dehydrated food packets and old civil defense helmets, we stumble (but don’t step) upon marauding ants … a mission to Pluto…. “evidence” of a spaceship crash … the Apollo astronaut who shot the “Earth Rise” photograph … and Jonah Lehrer meditating on creativity.

Tune in, find out and, help move this box of canned soup, will you?

Mark Moffett – Entomologist, research associate at the Smithsonian Institution, author of Adventures among Ants: A Global Safari with a Cast of Trillions John Spencer – Planetary scientist at the Southwest Research Institute in Boulder, Colorado, and member of the New Horizons science team Joe Nickell – Paranormal investigator, Senior Research Fellow, Skeptical Inquirer Magazine William Anders – Astronaut on Apollo 8, and photographer of “Earth Rise” Jonah Lehrer – Author of Imagine: How Creativity Works

This episode was tagged with: neuroscience pseudoscience skepticism brain paranormal UFO aliens history planetary science

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