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  1. Seminar: GSFC Summer Research Associate 2018 Presentations

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    Goddard Center for Astrobiology (GCA) – NASA Astrobiology Institute

    Undergraduate Research Associates in Astrobiology: End-of Term Research Presentations

    The GCA sponsors a summer program (URAA) in which talented undergraduate students conduct cutting-edge research under the direction of GCA scientist-mentors. The students present summaries of their research objectives and findings during an end-of-term session delivered both locally and over the internet to the NAI as a whole.

    The Class of 2018 will present on Thursday, August 2nd at 1-2 PM EDT in Building 34, Room W130. You are invited to attend either locally or remotely.

    To view the agenda and information on how to connect, go to:

    Source: [NAI Seminars and Workshop]