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  1. Selection of NASA Postdoctoral Program Fellows from the November 2016 Opportunity

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    The NASA Astrobiology Program is pleased to announce the selection of three new 2016 NASA Postdoctoral Fellows:

    Timothy Bowling

    Advisor: Simone Marchi, U Colorado Boulder (Habitable Worlds)

    Topic: Modeling the Origin and Evolution of Habitable Environments in Post-Impact Hydrothermal Systems Beneath Martian Craters

    Mackenzie Day

    Advisor: David Catling, University of Washington (Habitable Worlds)

    Topic: Habitability of ancient martian dunes

    Moran Frenkel-Pinter

    Advisor: Loren Williams, Georgia Institute of Technology (Exobiology: Prebiotic Evolution)

    Topic: Prebiotic Self-Assembly of plausible proto-depsipeptides

    Congrats to our new Fellows! More information about the NASA Astrobiology Postdoctoral Program is available at:

    Source: [NASA Astrobiology Postdoctoral Program]