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  1. Astrobiologia - Uma Ciência Emergente

    Published in August 2016 and authored by Douglas Galante, Evandro Pereira Da Silva, Fabio Rodrigues, Jorge Horvath, and Marcio De Avellar, Astrobiologia – Uma Ciência Emergente provides an introduction to astrobiology in Portuguese. The first issue gathers input from experts in different scientific areas and covers topics including research into the origins of life, the potentially habitable moons of our Solar System, and the discoveries of exoplanets.

    More information and a free download of the first issue of Astrobiologia – Uma Ciência Emergente is available at:

    The Research Unit in Astrobiology (NAP-Astrobio) is an affiliate partner of the NASA Astrobiology Institute (NAI). To learn more, visit:, or visit the Universidade de São Paulo astrobiology program website at:

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    Source: [University of São Paulo NAP-Astrobio]