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2013 Annual Science Report

NASA Jet Propulsion Laboratory - Titan Reporting  |  SEP 2012 – AUG 2013

EPO Activity: Art Station Titan

Project Progress

Art Station Titan is an instructor led children’s program intended to educate, inform, and inspire audience members about Titan Astrobiology via artistic drawing. The program was developed for museum and classroom dissemination. It is targeted for K-12 audiences, but can be enjoyed by anyone. Art Station Titan is performed regularly at the Denver Museum of Nature & Science (DMNS) for museum goers as well as virtually, via DMNS’s Distance Learning visits to classrooms nationwide. Art Station Titan has been evaluated to ensure the program is meeting its objectives. All of our materials and instructional videos are available free online: station/ station/

Figure 1. Visitors enjoy drawing a Titan landscape at the Denver Museum of Nature & Science

Figure 2. Kate Moreland, of DMNS guides visitors through the drawing of a Titan landscape

Figure 3. Eddie Goldstein, of DMNS, guides a classroom virtually