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2012 Annual Science Report

University of Wisconsin Reporting  |  SEP 2011 – AUG 2012

EPO Activity: Project 1: Life in the Extreme Trading Cards

Project Progress

Developed over the last two years, this educational product has nine trading cards, each of which features a different extremophile group. The front of each card has an image of an environment in which the extremophiles thrive (e.g. Grand Prismatic Spring at Yellowstone for the thermophiles). The back of each card has a small photo of a representational organism (e.g. Deinococcus radiodurans for the radioresistant microbes) and engaging text about each group’s “Extreme Abilities”, “Extreme Environments” and “Extreme Examples”.

A sample of one of the “Life in the Extreme” trading cards.

Students at Lowell Elementary show off their Life in the Extreme trading cards.