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2010 Annual Science Report

NASA Jet Propulsion Laboratory - Titan Reporting  |  SEP 2009 – AUG 2010

EPO Activity: Media Interviews by Dr. David Grinspoon

Project Progress

Radio Interviews:
Weekly astrobiology radio interview on the John Batchelor Show, WABC New York and nationally syndicated. This is the highest rated talk show in New York City. It runs Monday or Wednesday nights most weeks.

9/21/09, Interviewed by Seth Shostak of SETI Institute “Are We Alone?”

5/10/10 Interviewed by Art Bell, Coast to Coast AM radio; Subject: Astrobiology
(Coast-to-Coast Mon-Fri 1-5AM ET, Sat & Sun 1-6AM ET, WNDB-AM 1150 News Talk Radio, Orlando/Melbourne/Daytona Beach, FL, livestream at www.WNDB.AM)

Interviews for Written Media:
10/29/09 Westword magazine; Topic: “Life Out There” Planetarium Show by Susan Froyd.

5/17/10; Topic: “Mysteries of Venus Targeted by New Japanese Probe” by Charles Q. Choi, subsequently picked up by other websites.

6/9/10 Space News; Topic: “Have we discovered evidence for life on Titan?” by Ron Cowen