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2010 Annual Science Report

NASA Ames Research Center Reporting  |  SEP 2009 – AUG 2010

EPO Activity: Astrobiology Outreach: California and Beyond

Project Progress

The NAI Ames Team has an entire portfolio of diverse activities that contributes to advancing the field of astrobiology and captivating audiences. Some of these include: public lectures, lab tours, exhibit development, professional development, online interactive projects, classroom visits, clubs, science fairs, teacher workshops, formal and informal content development and more.

Many Ames team members were involved in these efforts, some of which include: – 2009 Carl Sagan Lecture, fall meeting, American Geophysical Union – Tori Hoehler – Lassen Astrobiology Student Intern Program classroom lab, fieldwork and lecture series with high school students – Mike Kubo, Niki Parenteau, Linda Jahnke, David Des Marais – Geology Field Camp seminar, Taskesti, Turkey – Dawn Cardace – Astrobiology Summer Science Experience for Teachers, San Francisco State University presentation – Mike Wilson – H. Julian Allen Award lecture – Andrew Pohorille – Extrasolar Planets and the Kepler Mission public lectures, New Zealand – Jack Lissauer – Stanford University Astrobiology Lecture Series – Lou Allamandola – Digital Learning Network Astrobiology Lecture Series – Andy Mattioda, Dawn Cardace, Colin Goldblatt, Marilyn Vogel, Tori Hoehler, David Des Marais and Stefani Milam – Yuri’s Night Public Event, NASA Ames – Nathan Bramall, Scott Sanford, Christiaann Boersman, Joseph Roser, Michel Nuevo, Andy Mattioda – Navajo Nation Teacher Workshop presentation – Scott Sanford – 2009 Hamilton Visiting Scholar at Southern Methodist University – David Des Marais – Ohlone College NASA Seminar Series – Colin Goldblatt – NASA Day at East Central University, Oklahoma – Andy Mattioda – Montana State University Astrobiology Workshop for Teachers – Niki Parenteau – Solar System Educators Workshop – Mike Kubo – Science, Technology and Exploration Program – Niki Parenteau, Dave Des Marais – California Academy of Sciences planetarium show science advisors, Tori Hoehler, Dave Des Marais

Ames team members have contributed toward EPO goals through their research, community activities, and involvement with various institutions across the country, leveraging resources in order to convey their astrobiology science and research to the public.