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Alfredo Fontanini

Stony Brook University


Alfredo is an Associate Professor in the Department of Neurobiology and Behavior at Stony Brook University. He is a neurobiologist interested in understanding how the brain processes information related to taste and olfaction. He got his MD degree in Italy, and he did his PhD work between Italy (University of Brescia) and California (Caltech). Before joining Stony Brook University he completed his postdoctoral training at Brandeis University, where his love affair with taste blossomed.

Alfredo is actively engaged in communicating science. He is in the scientific committee of the "Laboratorio del Governo di Se'" (Laboratory of Self Government), an Italian forum that organizes retreats with scientists, philosophers, artists, athletes and entrepreneurs. He gave several interviews and participated in podcasts and TV shows on the neurobiology of taste. Alfredo believes that scientists must strive to communicate their scientific ideas in a clear, passionate and original way. When he is not in the lab, Alfredo can be seen talking to people, running, playing guitar and tweeting about biotech (often all at the same time).