Amanda Cook, Anita Ganesan, Nida Rauf and Marina Yoder

Presenter: SUIA Students
When: August 9, 2004 1PM PDT

Students from the GSFC 2004 Summer Undergraduate Internship in Astrobiology (SUIA):

Amanda Cook (Connecticut College): “Interstellar Synthesis of Glycoaldehyde: A Laboratory Study”

Anita Ganesan (Cornell University): “Smokes & Mirrors: A Spectroscopic Analysis of Insterstellar Dust Grains”

Nida Rauf (Salem College): “Mapping HDO on Mars”

Marina Yoder (Smith College): “Defining the Edge: Planets and the Spectrum of Earthshine”

Early Career Seminars

  • As a way to build community, this seminar series provided an opportunity for early career astrobiologists to share their work with one another and with the astrobiology community at large.
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