NASA Ames Research Center Forums Seminars NASA Ames Research Center life science forums explore the growth and future of astrobiology and space biology research at Ames and beyond. Seminarsen-usSat, 06 Jun 2020 05:18:53 +0000The NASA Astrobiology Science Forum: The Origin, Evolution, Distribution and Future of Astrobiology<b>Celebrating the NAI at 20</b> Join us on November 14th to celebrate the NASA Astrobiology Institute (NAI) as it completes its 20-year tenure. We remember the origin of astrobiology, the impact of the NAI to the field of astrobiology, share the current development of the field, and discuss the future direction of astrobiology at NASA, at the Ames Research Center, and in the broader community. The Astrobiology Science Forum will highlight Ames’ exobiology and astrobiology enterprise, Ame's role as the host of the NAI; and share how the field has influenced and changed planetary science missions, trained the next generation of astrobiologists, and built a strong community of passionate researchers. The NAI has established a solid foundation for NASA and Ames to embark vigorously on the next chapter of Astrobiology/Exobiology and to continue the revolutionary discoveries that have and will develop in this thriving field. <u>*For Participants Outside of Ames:*</u> Link for Remote Participation: <a href="" target="_blank"></a> <u>*For Participants in the Ames Community:*</u> *Registration*: To help us plan logistics, for members of the Ames community, please fill out the registration form if you plan to attend in person: <a href="" target="_blank"></a> *Location*: Building 201 Auditorium, NASA Ames Research Center, Moffett Field, CA Badging is required and will be arranged for registered attendees. <u>*Agenda*:</u> 08:30–08:45 <b>Welcome and Introductions</b> – Dave Korsmeyer 08:45–10:30 <b>THE ORIGIN</b> Chair: Scott Hubbard · Scott Hubbard: Founding the NASA Astrobiology Institute (30 min) · John Rummel: Exobiology Before Astrobiology (10 min, remote) · David Morrison/Dave Des Marais: Astrobiology Roadmapping (30 min) · Lynn Harper: Astrobiology Yesterday and Tomorrow (15 min) · Rose Grymes: NAI Early Years (15 min) · Carl Pilcher: The NAI (5 min, remote) 10:30–11:00 <b> BREAK</b> - coffee and snacks in N200 lobby 11:00–12:30 <b>EVOLUTION: DEVELOPING THE COMMUNITY AND SCIENCE</b> Chair: Dave Des Marais · Lynn Rothschild: The Birth of AbSciCon (15 min) · Greg Schmidt: The NAI model and its Legacy (15 min) · Dave Des Marais: The Charter NAI Ames Team (15 min) · Scott Sandford: NAI at 20: Prebiotic Chemical Complexity (15 min) · Nathalie Cabrol: The NAI at the SETI Institute: Astrobiology Exploration on Earth and Beyond (15 min) · Mike Mumma: 16 years in the NAI: Synergy Amongst NAI Teams & Paradigm- Shifting Science at Goddard (15 min) 12:30–01:30 <b>LUNCH</b> - on your own 01:30–03:00 <b>THE FUTURE I</b> Chair: Michael Bicay · Mary Voytek: The Astrobiology Program: Leading Discovery (15 min, remote) · Lindsay Hays: The NASA Astrobiology Program: Research, Coordination and Networks (30 min) <b>PANEL SESSION: OPPORTUNITIES FOR EARLY CAREER ASTROBIOLOGISTS</b> Moderator: Tori Hoehler (45 min) (Training programs, funding, RCNs, IRADS, collaboration, challenges) Panel: Mary Beth Wilhelm, Sanjoy Som, Kathryn Bywaters, Niki Parenteau, David Smith 03:00–03:30 <b>BREAK</b> - coffee and snacks in N200 lobby 03:30–05:00 <b>THE FUTURE II</b> Chair: Michael Bicay · Jim Green - Answering the Question: Is There Life Beyond Earth? (8 min, remote) · Lori Glaze - NASA Astrobiology Looking Forward (5 min, remote) · Michael Bicay - The Future of (Astro)Biology @ ARC (20 min) · Alfonso Davila - Astrobiology Missions: ELSAH and Icebreaker (15 min) · Discussion Period (20 min)