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Exploring New Worlds

Presenter: Daniel Apai, University of Arizona
When: March 25, 2013 11AM PDT

Astronomy has entered an exciting new era where ground- and space-based observatories open windows on planetary systems increasingly similar to our own. I will discuss observational techniques, direct imaging and planetary transits, that allow us to characterize the atmospheres of extrasolar planets and, in the near future, to search for biosignatures. I will show results from a new observing technique, rotational phase mapping, that provides an exciting look into the atmospheres, clouds, and surface features of exoplanets and ultracool brown dwarfs. Finally, I will discuss possible pathways toward characterizing habitable planets and searching for biosignatures in their atmospheres.

NAI Director's Seminar Series

  • The Director’s Seminar series features talks from scientists who are invited by the NAI Director to present their research results to the community. A primary goal of the seminars is to encourage interdisciplinary collaboration across NAI teams and within the astrobiology community at large.
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