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GSFC Summer Research Associate 2012 Presentations

Presenter: NAI Summer Research Associates
When: August 9, 2012 10AM PDT

Each Undergraduate Research Associate in Astrobiology conducts intensive state-of-the-art research with an individual scientist-mentor.  Please join us as the fruits of these efforts are presented by the Class of 2012 to NASA’s Astrobiology Institute in a distributed seminar presented over the internet.

Brett Morris (University of Maryland) – Secondary Eclipse and Transiting Timing of Extra-Solar Plant HAT-P-7b
Mentor: Avi Mandell

Srishti Kashyap (Mount Holyoke College) – Can Complex Organics Exist on Mars? – A search using Sample Analysis at Mars (SAM) – like experiments.
Mentor: Caroline Freissnet

Cecilia Sanders (Harvard University) – Searching for Biomarker Gases on Mars Using Infrared Spectroscopy and Adaptive Optics
Mentor: Geronimo Villanueva

Maria Stenborg (University of Maryland) – Investigating the Molecular Composition of Comet C/2009 R1 McNaught via High Resolution Infrared Spectroscopy
Mentor: Mike DiSanti

Lillian Haynes (Harvey Mudd College) – A Window into the Past: Characterizing the Molecular Composition of Comet C/2009 R1 (McNaught) Through Submillimeter Observations
Mentor: Stefanie Milam

GSFC Summer Internship

  • Each year, summer interns at the NAI’s Goddard Center for Astrobiology present their work. Via collaborative technologies, they are able to present to the entire astrobiology community—adding an important dimension to their educational experience.
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