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GSFC Summer Student 2009 Presentations

Presenter: NAI Students
When: August 5, 2009 11AM PDT

Please join us as this year’s students present the results of their summer’s research.

The 2009 Summer Undergraduate Internship in Astrobiology is a ten-week internship in astrobiology held each year at Goddard Space Flight Center.


Joseph Angelo – Drexel University – “Investigating the Autocatalytic Mechanisms Producing Homochirality”

William Herlands – Princeton University – “Empirical Model for Methanol in Comets”

Nadya Radeva – Connecticut College – “Mapping the D/H of water on Mars: Searching for active vents”

Renuka Ramanathan – Massachusetts Inst of Technology – “Laser Desorption ToF-MS for In Situ Analysis of Organics”

Karen Whelley – Penn State University – “Derivatization of Dicarboxylic and Hydroxy Acids with IPA/TFAA”

Keara Wright – University of Missouri – “H2O in Comet C/2001 LINEAR A2 and C/2007 W1 Boattini”

GSFC Summer Internship

  • Each year, summer interns at the NAI’s Goddard Center for Astrobiology present their work. Via collaborative technologies, they are able to present to the entire astrobiology community—adding an important dimension to their educational experience.
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