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GSFC Summer Student 2007 Presentations

Presenter: NAI Students
When: August 1, 2007 10AM PDT

Please join us as ten students from the NASA Goddard Space Flight Center present their summer work in astrobiology.

Jim Doty, Rice University
A Search for Purines and Pyrimidines in Carbonaceous Meteorites

Ariel Lewis, Eckerd College
A study of the vapor pressure of carbonic acid and its implications in space

Lorne Loudin, Keene State College
Fingerprinting Late Accretion: A study of the Lunar Impact Melt 76055

Steven Manning, University of Maryland
Amorphous Iron Silicate Grains as Catalysts for Organics in the Solar Nebula

Justin Nieusma, The College of New Jersey
Analysis of Martian Gaseous Abundances Utilizing NIRSPEC Spectroscopic Data

Heidi Owens, Auburn University
Organic Analysis and Instrument Calibration for a Field Test in Svalbard for SAM

Nadya Radeva, Connecticut College
1.1-1.4 µm spectral region analysis of the Martian atmosphere

Cara Rahon, Iona College
Infrared Study of the Chemical Composition of Comet C/2004 Q2 (Machholz)

Joshua Stern, Brown University
Derivatization of some carboxylic and hydroxy acids with the chiral fluorescent tag R-DBD-Apy

Kamen Todorov, Connecticut College
Measuring the Temperature of an Exoplanet

GSFC Summer Internship

  • Each year, summer interns at the NAI’s Goddard Center for Astrobiology present their work. Via collaborative technologies, they are able to present to the entire astrobiology community—adding an important dimension to their educational experience.
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