ROSES-18 Amendment 14 releases final text for K2 Guest Observer (GO)
Cycle 7, program element D.7. Owing to the limited amount of spacecraft
fuel remaining, Cycle 7 is comprised of Campaign 20 only. Go to:

This program element solicits proposals for the acquisition and analysis of new scientific data from the K2 mission. K2 repurposes the space-borne hardware and ground-based operations of the Kepler mission for a pointed survey of predetermined locations along the ecliptic plane. This provides a powerful tool for broadband variability analyses of planetary, stellar, extragalactic, and solar system sources.

Contingent on the spacecraft health and fuel condition, K2 is soliciting proposals for Guest Observer (GO) Cycle 7 targets, and is comprised of Campaign 20 only. Phase-1 proposals, including target
lists and a scientific rationale, are requested by July 19, 2018. If the spacecraft health and fuel allow, then Phase-2 proposals will be due January 17, 2019. Go to: