A wide array of NASA Science Mission Directorate flight missions incorporate astrobiology goals and objectives. For this reason, with C.20 Interdisciplinary Consortia for Astrobiology Research (ICAR) solicits proposals responding to both the long-term goals and objectives identified in the Astrobiology Strategy.

This is focused on ensuring that the NASA Astrobiology community is prepared to respond to the challenge of planning and implementing these missions. Accordingly, proposals that place emphasis on research that will help prepare for current or future flight programs directed at astrobiological targets are encouraged. Proposals must describe an interdisciplinary approach to a single compelling question in astrobiology, and address at least one aspect of the current Science Strategy.

Step-1 proposals are due September 15, 2022, and Step-2 proposals are due January 10, 2023. Go to:


Questions concerning C.20 ICAR may be directed to Mary Voytek at Mary.A.Voytek@nasa.gov