This program element requests a Notice of Intent (NOI) in place of a Step-1 proposal. These NOIs will not be evaluated and, therefore, no response will be provided to a submission of an NOI. NOIs are due April 22, 2020.

The goal of NASA’s Exobiology program is to understand the origin, evolution, distribution, and future of life in the Universe. Research is centered on the origin and early evolution of life, the potential of life to adapt to different environments, and the implications for life elsewhere. This research is conducted in the context of NASA’s ongoing exploration of our stellar neighborhood and the identification of biosignatures for in situ and remote sensing applications. For further information on the science scope of Astrobiology, within which exobiology is located, please refer to the Astrobiology Strategy which can be found on the Astrobiology web page

PIs of proposals selected for funding from this program element that cover a research topic related to the newly established Research Coordination Networks are eligible to elect to become members of the Steering Committees of these RCNs (For more information, see:

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