The Deep Life Community (DLC) within the Sloan Foundation supported Deep Carbon
Observatory realizes that the majority of deep microbial life has been resistant to cultivation
in the laboratory, which complicates the characterization of physiological characteristics of
deep community members. However, recent studies using bioreactor-cultivation
techniques, under high pressure and/or temperature, have resulted in successful
enrichment of previously uncultivable archaeal and bacterial components that mediate
biogeochemical carbon cycling in deep subsurface (1-7). In order to maintain and
strengthen cultivation strategies in future deep life missions, the DLC will support early-
carrier researchers to visit some key laboratories (Inagaki – Kochi, Japan, Bartlett – La Jolla,
USA, and others) to learn and practice newly developed cultivation and cultivation-
dependent molecular/biogeochemical techniques using samples from the DLC’s field

Financial support includes $5,400 per person for travel and lodging costs and host lab
research supply reimbursement.

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