AbGradCon will be returning to the United States in 2023! This is a conference run by early career scientists for early career scientists. If you’re a graduate student or early career post doc then you have the opportunity to organize and host AbGradCon at your own institution! This is an opportunity to work directly with NASA management to run the conference of your dreams. We are now accepting applications through October 7th, 2022, to host AbGradCon 23. Please check out the Astrobiology Graduate Conference Charter in order to get an idea of what the goals of the conference are, what is required to run it, and the historical legacy of AbGradCon.

If you’re interested in hosting, please complete the following items by the end of October 7th, 2022:

  • Fill out the AbGradCon 23 Host Application form. This should be submitted as soon as you are ready and does not need to wait until your 5-minute site proposal is completed. https://forms.gle/SkzFkhMYjeGvXeHX6
  • Submit a 5-minute site proposal, with audio. The traditionally has been in the form of narrated Power Point slides, but the exact format is left to your discretion. Example of previously successful site proposal.

    Additional important notes:

  • Don’t forget to look over the AbGradCon Charter for important background and hosting requirements!
    AbGradCon is held in conjunction with a Proposal Writing Retreat (PWR). The PWR Charter is not completed, but will be sent out to anybody who submits a host application, or e-mails me (bradley.t.burcar [at] nasa.gov) directly for more information.
  • Since AbGradCon has not been held in person since 2019, many of you may not be aware of the conference, or tentative to apply to host. Please try not to let that fear stop you from hosting, or being on the AbGradCon planning committee. We are a very supportive community and will work with you and explain any questions you might have. Please e-mail Bradley Burcar (bradley.t.burcar [at] nasa.gov) if you have any questions about the conference itself, or about hosting.