The Mars Upper Atmosphere Network (MUAN) organises this three-day workshop that will bring together scientists interested in the general dynamics of, and coupling between, ionised and neutral atmospheric
constituents of three key inner Solar System planets: Mars, Earth, and Venus. Other bodies, such as comets and moons are also welcome. The objective is to embrace comparative studies between different planetary bodies in addition to the usual Mars aeronomy and plasma physics discussions, as this will lead to a better understanding of the role of upper atmospheres on planetary evolution and habitability at Mars and in the Solar System.

The workshop will be hosted by the Mars Upper Atmosphere Network and the Center for Climate Systems Research, Columbia University, New York, USA

The main topics to discuss are:

  • Planetary aeronomy – past, present and future.
  • Thermosphere-ionosphere-magnetosphere-exosphere (TIME) coupling.
  • Lower-upper atmosphere connections.

A significant part of the workshop will be devoted to brainstorming and opportunities to discuss different science aspects, and to help establish fruitful collaborations. There will be opportunities to present posters or talks. The workshop will be limited to 100 attendees, so please indicate your interest to aid us in planning in here: