TechnoClimes is a NASA-sponsored interdisciplinary workshop to develop a research agenda to prioritize and guide future theoretical and observational studies of non-radio technosignatures. This workshop will bring participants together in order to draft a publishable report that can serve as the basis for building a library of technosignatures to inform current and future missions.

TechnoClimes will be convened as an online-only event on 3-7 August 2020, in order to accommodate worldwide attendance with current restrictions on travel. Participation is open to scientists and other academic scholars with research interests that relate to the search for extraterrestrial technology.

Plenary and breakout sessions will be held over Zoom. Group and one-on-one conversations will be supported by our Slack workspace.

Participation will be limited to 50 people. All those wishing to attend the workshop must complete an application form, which includes a brief description of your relevant expertise.

Applications will close on June 30, with selections announced early July.

For more information, visit: