The Habitable Exoplanet Observatory (HabEx) is one of four concepts currently under study by NASA in preparation for the 2020 Astrophysics Decadal Survey. HabEx is designed to be the next-generation great observatory that has the capability to address physics of the cosmos, cosmic origins, solar system, and exoplanet science. HabEx is a space-based 4-meter diameter telescope with ultraviolet, optical, and near-infrared imaging and spectroscopy capabilities, and at least 50% of the primary 5-year mission will be dedicated to community involvement through a competed and funded Guest Observer (GO) program.

The purpose of this meeting is to invite members of the community to present scientific investigations and observational programs that:

  • Will be important and relevant in the 2030’s.
  • Can be specifically conducted – or could benefit from synergistic observations – with HabEx.
  • To apply to give a presentation, abstract submissions are due by September 7th. The registration deadline to attend the meeting is October 1st.

    More information on HabEx can be found on the mission website: