The fourth of the “New Quests in Stellar Astrophysics” meeting series aimed at stressing the importance of stellar physics to understand the properties of stars, their progeny and stellar systems at different scales.

Topics include:

  • Chemical networks in star formation to form complex (prebiotic) molecules, deuterium enrichment.
  • Astrochemistry of young and mature star+disk systems.
  • Prospects for exoplanet characterization: detection methods, observational probes, multi-wavelength observations and the search for biomarkers.
  • Exoplanetary theoretical models: interiors, magnetic fields, atmospheres, geochemistry.
  • Habitability of exo-worlds: space weather, time domain, dynamics and chemistry.
  • Scenarios on the emergence of life on Earth.
  • Space exploration and observations from the ground of solar system objects of astrobiological interest (Rosetta, Cassini, IRAM, ALMA, GTM, JWST, WSO, etc.).
  • Historical, societal aspects and education in astrobiology.