The NASA Citizen Science Community Workshop series starts next Wednesday May 27. If you haven’t already, skip on over to the program website to learn more about the series, or simply follow this link to register.

Please be sure to tune in a few minutes early as we will start off promptly at 3:30 PM ET/ 2:30 PM CT/ 1:30 PM MT/ 12:30 PM PT.

July 22
Panel: Data Mash-Ups: Using Citizen Science Data in Conjunction with Other NASA Data Sets
with panelists to be determined

Citizen science efforts are frequently used to groundtruth or analyze remotely collected data, with impressive results in fields as diverse as archeology to climatology. On the flip side, citizen scientists have amassed impressive data sets of observations. These data sets may hold heretofore hidden insight into the working of earth systems and processes. How can remotely sensed data be used to unlock new information from these data sets?