This workshop will be held in Boothbay Harbor, Maine, on September 22-26, 2019. Workshop goals are to stimulate progress in single cell genomics (SCG) through the exchange of breakthroughs in research applications and method development, with a focus on microorganisms and the prediction of cell’s phenome.

Invited, confirmed speakers include:

  • Paul Berube, Massachusetts Institute of Technology
  • Diane Dickel, University of California Berkeley
  • Murat Eren, University of Chicago
  • Gerhard Herndl, University of Vienna
  • Eugene Koonin, National Institutes of Health (keynote)
  • Victoria Orphan, Caltech (keynote)
  • Michael Wagner, University of Vienna (keynote)
  • Patrick Wincker, Genoscope
  • Tanja Woyke, Joint Genome Institute
  • Aaron Wright, Pacific Northwest National Laboratory

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