This conference will deal with fundamental issues of planetary habitability, i.e. the environmental conditions capable of sustaining life, and how interactions between the interior of a planet or a moon and its atmosphere and surface (including hydrosphere and biosphere) affect the habitability of the celestial body. It will address some hotly debated questions in the field including the following:

- What effects do core and mantle have on evolution and habitability of planets?
- What is the relation between (plate) tectonics and atmospheric evolution?
- What role does the mantle overturn play in the evolution of the interior and atmosphere?
- What is the role of the global carbon and water cycles herein?
- What influence do comet and asteroid impacts exert on the evolution of the planet?
- How does life interact with the evolution of Earth’s geosphere and atmosphere?
- How can we use our knowledge of the solar system geophysics and habitability for exoplanets?

The proposed interdisciplinary will encompass research on all the planets from the upper atmosphere to the deep interior relevant to their habitability. It aims to bring together scientists from all disciplines related to the field in order to discuss the above-mentioned issues.

Bursaries are available, for students and early carreer scientists, preferably for those giving oral and poster presentations. Deadline for registration and abstract submission is 15 June 2017.

The conference will be held at the Hotel Terra Nostra Garden****. The hotel is a newly renovated Art Deco hotel with a very good restaurant and a large, famous botanical garden with a thermal pool. The area is geothermally active with hot springs, solfatares and a very nice crater lake. The João Paulo Airport with frequent direct flights to the European mainland and America is located only 45 km from the venue.