The Rosetta findings have already brought cometary science to a new level. The interpretation of the acquired data is driving a large scale revision of our understanding of comet formation and is also leading us to reconsider some of the established concepts related to the formation and evolution of the Solar System. Moreover, this has broader implications as comet composition and formation encompasses astrophysics, astrochemistry and astrobiology. This workshop aims to gather the scientific community interested in various aspects of cometary science together with experts in planetary formation. The main focus will be to discuss the state-of-the-art cometary nuclei formation paradigm taking into account the recent information coming from observation, laboratory investigations and modelling results, and identifying new scientific goals for the post-Rosetta era. The meeting will provide a unique and timely forum for a discussion on our understanding of the role of the comets in the Solar System formation and evolution. The format will consist of plenary sessions with contributed and invited presentations.