The Institute of Space and Astronautical Science (ISAS) of the Japan Aerospace Exploration Agency (JAXA) and the Lunar and Planetary Laboratory (LPL) of the University of Arizona will hold the second
annual workshop dedicated to planetary science enabled by missions to be led JAXA on November 12 and 13, 2017, at LPL in Tucson, Arizona. Given the nature of the workshop described below, participation will be limited to the first 50 registrants.

This workshop will be devoted to discussions of planetary missions that are within the reach of ISAS capability and how to make these missions fruitful for the world-wide planetary science community. Three specific topics:

1) The DESTINY+ mission will fly by asteroid 3200 Phaethon, the parent body of the Geminid meteor shower.
2) JAXA is studying the SolarPowerSail (SPS) mission to the Jupiter Trojans.
3) Small body science would benefit greatly from opportunities to perform flybys of a wide variety of asteroids – the workshop will include a discussion of asteroids suggested by workshop participants as
flyby targets. Presentations for this portion of the workshop will be selected based on short abstracts from registered participants.

To register or for more details:

Deadline for abstract submission is 5 p.m. MST, October 27, 2017 or when registration is full, whichever is earlier.