On August 13th 2017, AbGradE will organise a 1-day workshop the day before this year’s EANA conference in Aarhus (August 14th-17th). This workshop will be the second of this kind after the successful launch of this format in 2015 at the ESTEC facilities (Noordwjik, the Netherlands). Its aim is to bring together early-career scientists and promote scientific networking between them, while working on group projects. This year’s topic will be Human Exploration of the Solar System.

The workshop will start with short-pitches from the attendees, in the format of “My Thesis in 180 seconds”, in order to introduce ourselves to everyone.
Following this, Cyprien Verseux will give an introductory lecture about his experiences during the one year Hawaii Space Exploration Analog and Simulation IV mission (HI-SEAS IV), which is an analog habitat for human spaceflight to Mars.
The workshop itself will consist of work in small groups, aiming to define and design space missions, under the supervision of scientific experts in the field. At the end of the day, the groups will present their mission projects.

The day preceding the workshop (August 12th), we invite all attendees to a sightseeing tour through Aarhus, followed by an icebreaker event in the evening at a nice bar in the city centre.