Applications due: April 1, 2016

The next Astrobiology Graduate Conference will be held at the University of Colorado in Boulder (CU) Sunday, July 24th to Thursday, July 27th. Graduate students run the conference for other graduate students and early career scientists with the purpose of having conference attendees share their astrobiology-related research, collaborate with their peers, and make new professional connections in a low-pressure setting.

Conference attendees share their research over a period of two days. Attendees have the option of presenting a 15-minute talk or presenting a poster (though talks are preferred). Topics to be covered include astrochemistry, exoplanet research, planetary science, geobiology, computer science, origins of life research, and aerospace engineering. The conference culminates on the third day with attendees participating in a field trip at an astrobiologically relevant site: Dinosaur Ridge in Morrison, CO. A Public Speaking Workshop will be held as an alternate for those who do not want to attend the field trip. In addition to the stated conference agenda, public outreach activities will be held throughout the week, including a trivia and games night and an evening at CU’s Fiske Planetarium.

Attendees also have the option of joining, separate from the conference, the Research Focus Group (RFG) workshop that will take place from July 22nd through 24th in Estes Park, Colorado. The RFG is a proposal-writing workshop targeted at developing better, fundable proposals for research.

Food and lodging for conference attendees will be covered by the conference. We also expect to be able to cover most travel costs for attendees. More information about the conference and the RFG workshop can be found on the website: