1. Opportunities for Research on Zero-G and Suborbital Reusable Launch Vehicles

    The deadline is approaching for flight opportunities (including microgravity research) available on the Zero-G parabolic aircraft and on suborbital reusable launch vehicles (sRLVs) through the NASA OCT Flight Opportunities Program. Commercial sRLV vendors include Virgin Galactic, Masten Space Systems, XCOR Aerospace, UP Aerospace, Armadillo Aerospace, Whittinghill Aerospace, and Near Space Corporation. For technology maturation proposals, the deadline is September 21.

    Both science and technology maturation proposals may apply for flight opportunities, but should utilize different processes. Pure science proposals should apply through the SMD ROSES call .

    Technology maturation proposals should apply through the Announcement of Flight Opportunities. Once again, proposals for the current cycle are due September 21. Information on how to submit a proposal can be found here: https://flightopportunities.nasa.gov/afo , more information on the program can be found here: https://flightopportunities.nasa.gov , and questions can be addressed to Richard Mains at: mailto:richard.c.mains@nasa.gov

    Source: [NASA]