How did the first self-replicating polymers, the precursors of life, come to form on the early Earth around four billion years ago? None None None
Computing the Origin of Life The mystery of life's origins could one day be solved thanks to that modern antithesis of life — the computer. 01/04
Meta Musings on the Origins of Life The quest to discover life's origins has grown mighty perplexing. 02/04
Water on Mars: The Story so Far Prospects for Mars water in the planet's past and present. 03/04
Found - Our Nearest Exoplanet Neighbor Candidate planet Proxima b orbits in the habitable zone around Proxima Centauri. 04/04
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NASA MISSIONS Exploring the Red Planet

The rovers and spacecraft we’ve sent to Mars have found evidence the planet was warmer in the past, with lakes and rivers. Was there life there? Future exploration may find evidence for that as well.

The facts and figures — 37%

The gravity on Mars is only 37 percent of Earth’s gravity. Not only could you leap three times higher on Mars, but this lower gravity is one reason why Olympus Mons became the biggest volcano in the solar system.

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