1. NASA Astrobiology Early Career Collaboration Award

    The Astrobiology Early Career Collaboration Award offers research-related travel support for undergraduate, graduate students, postdoctoral fellows and junior scientists. Applicants are encouraged to use these resources to circulate among two or more laboratories supported by the NASA Astrobiology Program (the NASA Astrobiology Institute, Exobiology and Evolutionary Biology, Planetary Science and Technology Through Analog Research, MatiSSE, PICASSO and the Habitable Worlds Programs), however any travel that is critical for the applicant’s research will be considered.

    Travelers must be formally affiliated with a U.S. institution. Requests are limited to $5,000, and are accepted with yearly deadlines of April 1 and October 1.

    How to Apply

    To be considered for an Astrobiology Early Career Collaboration Award, please submit the following material to Melissa Kirven-Brooks at Melissa.Kirven-Brooks@nasa.gov

    • the team(s) and researchers you plan to visit
    • the approximate dates of travel
    • a brief description of the research you plan to conduct at the hosting laboratory (include, for example, any technique you expect to learn, or equipment you will need to use) and how the collaboration is relevant to your research
    • a budget describing what funds are required, and
    • letters of recommendation from your faculty advisor and from the researcher(s) you plan to visit

    2014 Selections for the Astrobiology Program Early Career Collaboration Award

    Metthieu Galvez, Carnegie Institution of Washington
    Working with Craig Manning at UCLA, “Testing for the Additivity of Mixed Ligand Solutions on Mineral Solubilities”.

    Pedro Montalvo Jimenez, University of Puerto Rico
    Working with John Valley at the University of Wisconsin on “Identification of Detrital Shocked Minerals”.

    Johanna Teske, Carnegie Institution of Washington
    Travel to the Mauna Kea Observatory to work with Steve Howell (NASA ARC), to the Lowell Observatory to work with Evgenya Shkolnik and to the University of California, Santa Cruz to work with Jonathan Fortney, in support of her project, “Modeling exoplanet atmospheres/stellar composition”.

    Xiangli Wang, Yale University
    Working with Mukul Sharma at Dartmouth College, examining “Time constraints on the origin of oxygenic photosynthesis”.

    Dylan Wilmeth, University of Southern California
    Travel to University of Johannesburg, to work with Nicolas Beukes “Investigating local oxygenation of a Neoarchean lake environment, South Africa”

    2013 Selections for the Astrobiology Program Early Career Collaboration Award

    Zachary R. Adam, Montana State University
    Will travel to the Marine Biological Laboratory, Woods Hole, MA to learn new tools to incorporate a newly discovered fossil assemblage from 1.5 billion-year-old rocks in Montana into a framework for the early evolution of eukaryotes on Earth.

    Rebecca Mickol, University of Arkansas
    Will travel to the University of Florida Space Life Sciences Laboratory at the Kennedy Space Center to conduct experiments with anaerobic methanogens in the Mars Simulation Chamber of Dr.Andrew Schuerger and also collaborate with Dr. Wayne Nicholson.

    Harry Oduro, Massachusetts Institute of Technology
    Will collaborate with James Farquhar, at the University of Maryland, College Park, on distinguishing the origin of sulfur isotope anomalies in Archean and meteoritic organic sulfonic acids

    Sarah Sonnett, University of Hawaii
    Will participate in an observing run on the 6.5-meter Magellan Baade telescope at Las Campanas Observatory in Chile, to test models that look at volatiles and their distribution in the outer solar system.

    Michael Chaffin, Laboratory for Atmospheric and Space Physics, University of Colorado at Boulder
    Travel to the Laboratoire Atmosphères, Milieux, Observations Spatiales, to work with Franck Montmessin, CNRS Senior Scientist “Collaborating with LATMOS in Extending Analysis of Martian Water Escape”

    Dalton Hardisty, University of California, Riverside
    Travel to the laboratories of Zunli Lu, Syracuse University and David Johnston, Harvard University, “Evaluating trace oxygen production prior to the Great Oxidation Event using a novel combination of rare sulfur isotope fractionations and iodine-to-calcium ratios in well-preserved Archean carbonate rocks”

    Roy Price, Stony Brook University
    Travel to New Caledonia for “Exploration of a shallow‐sea serpentinite‐hosted Lost City analog”.

    2012 Selections for the Astrobiology Program Early Career Collaboration Award

    Jeremy Owens, University of California, Riverside
    Travel to Harvard University to conduct research in the laboratory of David Johnston.

    Laura Rodriguez, Rice University
    Travel to the Mojave and Atacama Deserts to conduct research with Alfonso Davila.

    Sandra Siljeström, Carnegie Institution of Washington
    Travel to NASA Ames Research Center and Yellowstone National Park, to collaborate with Linda Jahnke and Niki Parenteau.

    2011 Selections for the Astrobiology Program Early Career Collaboration Award

    Betül Arslan, Georgia Institute of Technology
    Travel to Michigan State to conduct research with Richard Lenski

    Amy Kelly, University of California, Riverside
    Travel to the Jet Propulsion Laboratory to conduct research with Timothy Lyons and Gordon Love.

    Rachel Maxwell, Lunar and Planetary Laboratory, University of Arizona
    Visit to Lutterzand (the Netherlands), Lommel (Belgium), and St. Petersburg (Russia) to collect Late Pleistocene sediments that may record an extraterrestrial (ET) impact.

    Daniel Christian, Old Dominion University
    To conduct two weeks of fieldwork in the 2.7 Ga old Tumbiana Formation, Western Australia and search for sedimentary microbially induced sedimentary structures (MISS) that have been caused by very early microbial mats.

    Wil Leavitt, Harvard University
    Travel to Portugal to conduct enzyme kinetic analyses of isolated dissimilatory sulfate reductases.

    2010 Selections for the Astrobiology Program Early Career Collaboration Award

    Meredith Perry
    Proterozoic Stromatolites and The Search for Life on Mars

    Erin Yargicoglu
    2010 Astrobiology Survey of Springs in the North Anatolian Fault Zone: Windows into the deep terrestrial biosphere

    Weifu Guo, Carnegie Institution of Washington
    Two trips to the Jet Propulsion Laboratory in Pasadena, California to conduct research in the laboratory of Lance Christensen.

    Amy Kelly, University of California, Riverside
    Travel to Arizona State University, Tempe, Arizona to conduct research with Ariel Anbar.

    Anna Roussanova, University of Hawaii
    Participation in the Saas-Fee Winter School on Habitability, Villars-sur-Ollon, Switzerland.